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At Proper Job, we believe that every dog is an individual: they each have their own character; their own little likes and dislikes. In real terms, this means that it could be easier and quicker to bath and groom a well-behaved Poodle than a nervous Jack Russell.

Below is a table showing our baseline prices of a few popular breeds. On your first visit to the salon, we will assess your dog, and give you an indication of the cost.
Prices will vary according to the frequency of grooming; length and condition of coat.

                Breed   Groom   Handstrip
               Border Collie     £32
               Cavalier King Charles     £29
               Cocker Spaniel     £29
               Golden Retreiver     £35
               Labrador     £28
               Lhasa Apso     £30
               Poodle – Toy/Min/Std   £30/35/50
               Shih Tzu     £30
               Springer Spaniel     £30
               West Highland White     £29

We have a more comprehensive list of breeds here.
Please consider these lists as a baseline only, though we will not grossly inflate our prices without warning.

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